Enixé Inspection Monitor

The Enixé inspection monitor is an integral part for managing real estate. Using the EIM, our customers work faster and more efficiently. Our system keeps you in control, saves costs and maintains policy, all built on practical, qualitative information.

Unique glasses


The EIM glasses are smart glasses which run on Android. Relevant information on an object can be displayed during an inspection with our application, the condition of said object can also be tracked.


During an inspection, the built-in microphone and camera can be used to make voice recordings, photos and videos. Therefore, a detailed report can be made with minimal effort.


The EIM glasses can be controlled by voice, this keeps the hands free of the inspector who would otherwise need to keep registration tools on hand.


The EIM glasses has the form factor of regular glasses, this makes it easy to carry to the location and allows it to be swiftly ready to use.

App and website


Objects can be easily managed through our web portal. Through projects, objects can be monitored by ways of a standard inventory or critical objects.


Users can be associated with objects to be inspected by our handy app. Through our web app you can also see the intermediary progress.


Inspectors can rate the state of the object using our app. Inspectors can send a detailed report on an object using GPS information and photographs, which in turn are sent to our web portal.


A detailed report can be made of each individual object, called the QuickScan. Naturally, a spreadsheet containing the information on multiple objects can be generated as well.

Rave reviews!

Hear what others have to tell about our application!

This application has helped me and my husband so much every time we’ve visited New York City. We’d be lost without it. Definitely worth it! Thanks for your awesome effort!

Angela Mittens


I’ve never been so happy with a simple phone app! It does what it promises and it even overdeliveres! I’m really happy I found it and I’d never go back to exploring the Big Apple without it!

Ophelia Jones


Finding a great place to eat just became much easier since I’ve downloaded the application! I really love it! The premium plan is also amazing for how little it costs!

Cleopatra West



Using the most recent encryption technologies like SSL, you can safely use our application without your data being intercepted.


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